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DMC Group

"Committed to Greatness"

We are an ambitious and diverse Sales and Marketing Company that work with a unique portfolio of brands. We help introduce, advertise and sell all at the same time, without the use of conventional channels to reach a target audience. We look to increase market share, connect with our customer base and build our clients' brands using face-to-face communication.

Connecting Clients

We connect our clients with their target audience on a personalised level. We take their products directly to the chosen target market, giving immediate measurable results with

an incredible return on investment. We are their Human Commercial™.

Sales Professionals

The DMC Group presents a carefully selected team of sales independant contractors, providing them enviable opportunities to gain the skills required to build a career within the exciting world that is direct sales.

Pride in our work

Contractors take pride in the projects they undertake with the knowledge that this in turn makes the customer experience more meaningful and the work more rewarding.

Hi, I’m John D’Ambra. In February 2004 I started the DMC Group after gaining 2 years of field experience. I was able to use this experience within the direct sales industry to set up a dynamic, creative and also very practical and fundamentally service-driven company, powered by people.


My mentality to business is one of passion, dedication and perseverance to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients. When I work, I work very hard. So I look to work with people who have that same level of dedication. I depend on that from everyone.


For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. With a group of independently talented individuals,

the DMC Group prides itself on supporting the skill development of our contractors and rewarding



performance by fostering an environment that values learning and advancement. This in turn helps individuals define success, guide behaviour and set common expectations, ultimately achieving personal and collective goals of the company in line of our mission and core values.


Construct your determination with sustained effort, controlled attention and concentrated energy. Opportunities never come to those who wait… they are captured by those who dare to attack.

Working within a sales and marketing organisation is more than simply performing sales and marketing. The foundation of the industry, and where all individuals start, is as a sales contractor. This person performs sales activities on behalf of the Marketing Company for their clients. As well as their direct sales activity, the sales contractor is required to provide outstanding levels of customer service while working with other like minded people.



"Honesty, simplicity and doing something you believe has real value"

Effective management of time and territory

Product knowledge

Legal compliance and guidelines

 Quality control
and standards

Customer service excellence


Growth, in what capacity?

When it comes to choosing your career, there are a few things to consider.

Whether it’s your first opportunity for work or not, most of us are looking for the BIG 5.

"Pursue growth and learning"

Goal setting
and KPIs

Team members within our company have the opportunity to develop their skills and enterprise from a sales-focused opportunity into leadership and management opportunities via a competency-based development program. This allows individuals that are ambitious,the chance to achieve their career goals faster than any other company we know. The DMC Group makes this possible.


Work /





and professional development



advancement opportunities
and progression


Being in an energetic, inclusive culture
along with like
minded people

for your


For a more detailed description of the Steps to Developing your Enterprise


"Sense of urgency and
motivation to action."













Here are the Steps to Developing your Enterprise

"Supporting team member
excellence and happiness."

The DMC Group provides a positive working environment, opportunity and real financial reward. With a growing national network and ever-increasing client demand, the DMC Group is expanding into new markets. This means, we are always on the look out for enthusiastic, ambitious and motivated professionals to join our industry.


The success of the contractors depends on the success of its team. The strength of the wolf is in the pack. The DMC Group recognises that its number one asset and competitive advantage is, and will always be, its people. Therefore we are committed to building strong, collaborative and focused company representatives at all levels of the business. Representatives who see themselves as ‘mutually accountable’ for their outcomes provide each other with the support to achieve this.


Champions focus on the mental process of building a strong foundation/culture that will ultimately create peak


performance on a consistent basis, allowing them to be the best they can be. Our team culture promotes being high performers in all aspects of our business through developing our team leadership skills at every level and managing performance. For those leaders within our business, reflecting on their leadership styles and the impact this has on others, setting expectations in terms of behaviour and capability, also supports ongoing development.


We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our unique team members. We acknowledge the uniqueness of our individuals and balance it with how best to work effectively together to achieve business success. We provide all individuals from all backgrounds enviable opportunities to gain the skills required to forge a career within the exciting world of direct sales, along with the chance to establish their own Marketing Company. We offer multiple career paths via a progressive, competency-based development model, with professional support teams both mentoring and advising each step of the way.








Personal Development
and Leadership


Service and

The DMC Group’s building blocks of a strong team culture include

"In DMC Group’s successful team culture, individuals are given a clear understanding of their impact on the company’s mission, goals, principles, visions and values."

The DMC Group values the relationship it has with its clients. With our proven track record and extensive marketing experience, we have developed a trusting relationship with our clients across a wide variety of industries. Business growth is achieved by expanding our diverse brand portfolio to address the needs of Australia's diversity, from the young to our ageing population, and everyone in between. We have targeted potential customers by simply allowing the public to test and try our brands, directly, before they buy.

Brands We Represent


Jericho comes from the Dead Sea in Israel with original Dead Sea Minerals. The Dead Sea has the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals. Jericho cosmetics are gentle but effective products that rebalance natural moisture levels and reduce the signs of ageing while protecting the skin from harmful environmental effects.

Laurelle Parfums

All the way from the UK, Laurelle London offers a contemporary range of fine fragrances suitable for men and women. Current trends and fashions are the inspiration to offering cutting edge products for our customers. The affordability aspect of Laurelle Parfums is what gives us our competitive advantage in the market.

Parfum Klover

Over the last 4 years we have sold over 2 million perfumes throughout Australia. During this time we have been listening to what the Australian public love and want in perfumes. We took all of this knowledge and based on our customer’s feedback, we’ve created a premiere range of Perfumes and Eau de Toilettes, designed right here in Australia.


FW1 Waterless Formulation has a unique combination of cleaning agents, Lubricants and Carnauba wax which combine to lift the dirt and grime away from paint or any other non-porous surface, leaving  behind a professional show-car finish. FW1 can be used on paint, chrome, fiberglass, smooth plastics, glass/mirrors, and more.

Powered Local

PoweredLocal solves the double issue of consumers wanting access to Wi-Fi, and SMEs wanting to connect with their customers. For any bricks and mortar business where people dwell - hospitality, medical, retail, beauty and fitness.


Since 2011, we've protected
over 20 million devices around
the world with our military grade technology. Keeping your device safe in the toughest situations. Ultimate care for the device
that you rely on.

Jonnee Coffee

The Jonnee Coffee computerised barista is the next generation in
the evolution of coffee and has
made it possible now to get a consistently best cup of coffee,
hot chocolate or chai every time
you ask.

"Accountability and
Commitment to Performance."

Supercharged Growth

We’ve supercharged growth using various channels including events, business and home to ensure market exposure whilst creating a positive experience with our customers that will inevitably encourage repeat business in the future. Our brands all benefit from our unique combination of creativity,

know-how, service and value.

Human Commercial™

Through each Human Commercial™ and ever-increasing client demand, the DMC Group create tens of thousands of new customers for our clients on a daily basis via residential, B2B and event-based marketing programs.

Global Reach

The DMC Group not only delivers results, but partner with clients on their journey to develop and grow their business and help build their brand, providing clients global reach combined with local knowledge.

Portfolio Growth

Our field of concentration lies in representing the consumable goods and service markets. The opportunities to work with various sectors and industries are endless with new clients always looking to utilise our expertise, the DMC Group eagerly looks to expand their existing portfolio.

The DMC Group values the relationship it has with its clients.

"Expanding the art of possibility."

In representing the consumable goods and services market, the DMC Group is looking to aggressively pursue growth opportunities as it continues to expand its direct marketing ventures both interstate and worldwide. The DMC Group is already successfully associated with interstate offices in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. With a global network and ever-increasing client demand, the DMC Group is fast-growing and looking to expand globally, steering its marketing strategy toward New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy and Spain in the very near future.

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North Melbourne 3051 Victoria

Phone: 03 9908 0122


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